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Therapy & Counselling

Counselling Sessions via Coviu®


At the Clifton Centre we understand that our clients have busy lives, as well as family and work obligations that make it difficult for them to attend appointments during typical business hours. For this reason we have introduced our new Tele-health and Psychology service.

At present we are able to offer online psychological support which consists of professional and confidential consultation and therapy with an experienced Clinical Psychologist. Sessions are conducted via user-friend video conferencing (Cocius) which enables you to access services wherever you are located in Australia, without having to download any software. We will be expanding our services to include additional areas of support as demand from our clients increases.

Tele-Psychology can be used to access:

  • Online counselling and therapy for a wide range of adolescent and adult concerns.

  • Parental Support and Behavioural Consultation.

  • Diagnostic Assessment.

  • Learning Intervention Planning and Support.