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Forensic Consultancy and Assessment

Our director, Ben French has extensive expertise in providing forensic psychological services for those involved with the justice and court systems. Forensic psychological assessment and reports are often sought in both civil and criminal court proceeding to provide the courts with an expert understanding and appreciation of an individual’s intellectual and psychological functioning, which can have an impact on the legal proceedings and outcomes at hand. At the Clifton Centre our aim is to provide comprehensive, comprehensible and objective options to the courts, including the criminal, civil, and family and children’s court.

Forensic psychological consultation and assessment may be particularly use in the following areas :

  • Fitness to stand trial.

  • Section 32 reports.

  • Assessment of intellectual and psychological impairment.

  • Sentencing reports.

  • Witness vulnerability.

  • Capacity to give evidence and/or stand trial.

  • Risk assessment.

  • Treatment needs and recommendations.

  • Evidence-based treatment and intervention for victims of crime.