Counselling for young adults

At Port Psychology we also work with young adults. This is often a time of transition and interpersonal stress. This area goes beyond mental health assessment and intervention. Here we can explore issues around relationships, anger, trauma, drug and alcohol use and even criminal behaviour. Finding your place in the modern world can be anxiety provoking and depressing at times and that is where we can help.

An area of interest at Port Psychology is also therapy for longstanding or chronic problems. Very often our clients are stuck in longstanding repeating life patterns. We have a particular interest in providing a form of treatment for these clients called Schema Therapy. Schema Therapy was developed by Dr Jeffrey Young, and integrates many elements of cognitive, behavioural and experiential therapies into a unified approach which is extremely useful in dealing with chronic problems in a person’s life.

Schemas are unhelpful beliefs and patterns of thinking, feeling and acting that were formed early in a person's life, and then have continued to the present day. Their beliefs are so deeply held that they are just felt as 'the way things are'. The therapy will involve helping you understand the repeating patterns in your life and the origins of these, and then challenge them using discussion, 'experiential' techniques such as imagery and chair role-play, and behaviour change strategies, such as learning how to become more assertive, to set limits on work, or to change the way you approach relationships. Our clients generally find the approach very helpful.